Setting up a payment service

After you have selected a payment product, you can now proceed to creating a payment service for that product. New payment services can be created on Fortumo's Dashboard.

When creating a Web SDK service, you will have an option for selecting if this service is meant for selling single items or virtual currency. Main differences between single item and virtual currency services are:

  • service information XML that is available for virtual currency services includes list of all tariff classes available;
  • virtual currency services can use Fortumo automatic credit calculation feature;
  • subscriptions are available only for single item services.

In addition to Fortumo billing solutions this section also includes information on how to use Fortumo's Reporting API, which allows you to automatically fetch revenue report data on regular basis. You can also check out the documentation for our Messaging Platform, in case you want to use Fortumo for messaging.

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