Subscriptions on Android

Subscriptions for Android is an opt-in feature, if you wish to use it, please contact us at

Subscriptions are available for Android SDK single item services in selected countries. Subscriptions allow services that charge end users at pre-determined regular intervals.‭ Subscription opt-in flow is similar to one-off purchase for Android, with purchase flow optimized for subscription services. Once the end user has signed up to a subscription,‭ ‬Fortumo will manage the state and billing of the subscription and send back end notifications to merchant URL on every renewal.

Android SDK integration

Subscription opt-in is only available for the services which are configured as subscriptions at Fortumo Dashboard.

For initiating subscription opt-in, payment type needs to be set to "subscription".


Once the purchase has been processed, a BILLED notification will be sent.

Subscription purchases are treated similarly to non-consumable purchases for single items, meaning that an end-user that already has a subscription initiated cannot opt-in for the same subscription again.

Subscription flow

On every subscription renewal and status change, Fortumo will send notifications to merchant URL. For the Android applications that are using subscriptions, the integration architecture would be server-driven.

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