Hosted Direct Carrier Billing

Fortumo Hosted Direct Carrier Billing (Hosted DCB) solution allows you to integrate mobile payments to your desktop, mobile website or app. As the name says, Hosted DCB provides the payment page and hosts the whole flow. For initializing a payment, all you need to do is direct your customers to Fortumo hosted payment flow where they can complete a specific payment based on your input. We will then notify your backend with the results.

Hosted DCB is an on demand payment product. In order to gain access to the product, please contact your account manager.

Endpoint to our hosted payment flow is following:{merchant_id}/?token={token}

Tokens used for initializing sessions are simple JSON Web Tokens (JWT). JWT is an open RFC 7519 standard for transmitting information between two parties. Using JWTs help us validate that all payment requests are initiated by you and none of the payment parameters have been tampered with by third parties.

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