Setting up Web SDK service

This is a guide on how to set up your very first Web SDK payment service.

After you have created your account on our Dashboard, you can proceed to log-in and start setting up payment services with Web SDK.

To start off, click "Create new service"

Img create new service

Then select the service type: Web SDK and click "Create service"

Img select service type

Creating a Web SDK service consists of 3 steps. First, you have to choose which countries you want your service to available in, whether you want to sell single items or virtual credits and what will be the cost of your service.

Choosing the desired countries for your service:

Fortumo is currently available for you in more than 80 countries. In the example above, one country from each region is chosen. Please familiarise yourselfwith different country regulations and choose whether you want to sell your service in just one country, some of them or in all of the available ones (“Add All Territories”).

Img select country

Please note that Fortumo does not support a variety of services due to local regulations. It is important that you are aware of that. For more information on compliance, check out our compliance overview.

Img big no

Secondly choosing your desired product. Fortumo gives you the opportunity to sell either a „Single item“ or „Virtual credits“.

Single item

If you would like to start selling individual items or premium access to a service, then the option to go with it is “Single item”.

Virtual credits

If your service is based on selling virtual credits, coins, chips, cash, bucks, gems or any other virtual currency, then the option to go with is "virtual credits"

Providing detailed information about your service.

In the next step, we need you to provide us with additional information about your service, along with URL-s where you will be using Fortumo to collect payments.

Please note that it is very important to provide us accurate and valid information.

This is used for us to reach you in case of various questions, inquiries and notifications.

Img service details

Final step!

Here you will see an overview of countries you have chosen to launch, as well as restrictions and regulations for all of them. Please read it through and make sure your service is compliant in each market.

Please note that that your account will be immediately terminated and all payouts suspended if the rules are broken. In case a mobile operator or Fortumo gets fined because of your service, you will be invoiced for all such costs.

Img final step

You have finally created your very first Web SDK service. Congratulations!

In the beginning your service will be running in sandbox mode and no real transactions are generated.

On the final confirmation page, we provide you with HTML codes that you have to add to your webpage.

Img html code

Once you have done all that and completed testing, click on "Go Live" and start selling the service and collecting money from the payments. By clicking "Details" on your dashboard, you can modify your service - edit, test and add additional countries.

We hope that this guideline was useful for you. In case you have any questions or need help with setting up the service, contact us at

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