Web SDK subscriptions

For the Web SDK, subscriptions are available in selected countries. Subscriptions allow services that charge end users at pre-determined regular intervals.‭ ‬Example use might be giving limited period access to premium content.

Opting in for a subscription is very similar to one time purchase flow.‭ ‬Once the end user has signed up to a subscription,‭ ‬Fortumo will manage the state and billing of the subscription.

Web SDK subscriptions is an opt-in feature. In order to gain access to subscriptions, please contact Fortumo customer support.

Subscription flow

Using Web SDK service with subscriptions configured one can initialize the web checkout flow. Once the web checkout flow is completed, API START action is triggered and notification is sent to the merchants server.

Parameter Values Description
product_name Product name to be shown in the payment interface, e.g. "Access all books" If specified, overrides the product name set in service settings on the Dashboard. Requires signature.
sig Request signature (hash). Is used to verify payment flow initialization and avoid misuse. For example 136cc6f53d62afd45ac849674259f703.
test ok | fail Initializes the checkout flow in sandbox mode. Only START merchant notification request will be made. To test additional requests you should use the testing interface in Fortumo dashboard.
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